Gurnard Neighbourhood Plan


The Gurnard Neighbourhood Plan has been passed by the Independent Examiner and approved by the Isle of Wight Council. The residents of Gurnard will now have the opportunity to vote on the plan.

Download the final version of Gurnard Neighbourhood Plan

Referendum day is 7 September 2017 at Gurnard Village Hall. Polling cards should arrive at the start of August.

Localism Act 2011. The Government wants local communities to have a greater say on planning and development in their area.

Gurnard Parish Council is supporting the preparation of the Gurnard Neighbourhood Plan. This will give the residents of Gurnard the opportunity to set our planning priorities and aspirations for inclusion in the wider Island Plan.

Our Neighbourhood Plan will eventually be subject to a referendum of local residents and if a majority who take part in the referendum support the plan, it will become a legal document. Decision-makers will be obliged, by law, to take what it says into account when they consider proposals for development in the parish.

There will be plenty of opportunities to have your say at various events, meetings and surveys – so please get involved!